The Evolution of Video Storage.

BA (Hons) Graphic Design | Sequence Brief

A brief history of video storage - for use to promote an exhibition at the Science Museum in London.

For this project I had the challenge of creating a 30 second to 3 minute ‘sequence’. I landed on the theme of ‘Evolution’ and therefore decided to create a promotional video for the Science Museum.

Idea Generation

With my theme in mind I did some brainstorming and storyboarding which eventually led me to the ‘Evolution of Video Storage’.

Not only could this be used as a promotional video for the Science Museum, but it could also be an interactive piece allowing users to scroll through a timeline on another screen.


After I was happy with my concept I had to illustrate my assets ready for animating.

I started out with some silhouette references and simplified everything down, until I had some clean flat graphics.


Once I had all my illustrations done I just had to animate them.

This was probably the most fun part, even if it was a lengthy process making sure all the timings were right. After that and many tests the animation was complete, and I’m pretty happy with the final outcome.