RSA Student Design Awards 2018 Winner - Post-Truth

RSA | Moving Pictures

‘Post - Truth’ is an animation based on a talk by ‘Matthew D’Ancona’. It explores the theme of an ‘internet war’, using a language that we’re all familiar with - social media.

For this brief I was tasked with animating over a speech by Matthew D’Ancona – to “clarify, energize, and illuminate the content.”


I started out this brief gaining a better understanding of ‘Post-Truth’, by doing research on what it is, and all the places it’s seen today.

After I had a greater understanding on the topic at hand, I analysed the speech more closely. I picked out all the words that had more emphasis put behind them, looked at all of their definitions, and noticed something interesting. Most of them all had double meanings, one relating to war, and another relating to society today.

Words to Imagery

Hearing these themes of war throughout the speech, I began visualising the imagery that theses certain phrases gave me. “- bombardment of more and more and more data.” & “- a kind of machine-gun spray of data.”


With all of these visuals in mind I began storyboarding with variety of different themes. I started out trying a more ‘typographic’ approach but figured it wouldn’t be as interesting just reading what was said. I then went on to do a ‘war propaganda’ theme, using similar imagery to what was used in WWI & WWII. The downfall with this, was that it didn’t really work throughout the whole speech. That led me to my final theme of an ‘internet war’, blending everything together into something we can all relate to today.

Creating the Animation

With a storyboard in hand I went on to illustrate all the websites featured in the animation from scratch, along with most of their contents. Then I took to animating it all in After Effects.