AUB Network Event Identity

Arts University Bournemouth | Live Brief

Bringing the Network Event to life with the theme of 'connection'

For this project I was tasked with creating the identity for the AUB Network Event with the help of Jacob James.

Creating the Identity

I started out by thinking about what networking is as a whole, and landed on the theme of connections. Using this theme I did some experimentation and ended up with the ‘NE’ logo connecting together.

Final Design

After discussing it with Jacob, we decided to make it an isometric logo taking inspiration from the AUB website. We then went on to design an invite and a series of posters for the event.

Network Event Invites

With this identity, we put together leaflets to send out as invites for the event.

Poster Designs

In collaboration with the Event Organiser - Alice Stevens, we also came up with some simple poster designs for use during the event.

Event Video

After the initial event in 2017, a video was produced on what the Network Event is all about. I was tasked with creating an animated intro, along with interview strap-lines, and credits for the film.