D&AD New Blood Awards 2018 Winner - Just The Surface

D&AD | Microsoft Surface

'Just the Surface' is based on the idea of how Microsoft Surface is a window into endless creative possibilities. When your pen touches the screen, there are no limits. 'Just the Surface' is an advertising campaign designed to show the audience the capabilities of the Microsoft Surface. This example shows architecture as the focus, but this could be expanded to many other professions as well. This makes for an easily expandable campaign.

Key Insight

After researching the existing ads and the general visual style Microsoft goes for, I went back to the beginning. I looked more into the word 'Surface' and that's when everything began to click.


I looked into bringing the "Window into Creativity" idea to life, but felt it didn't have the required punch I was looking for.

The Final Idea

Then I went back and realised the "Just the Surface" idea. Where the pen making contact with the Surface, transfers into a burst of creativity. Showing at the end that even the biggest ideas start with a single line.


In the end I focused it around Architecture. However, there could be multiple ads for different professions like, Graphic Design, Illustration, Fashion Design, etc. Making for a very expandable campaign.

Just the Surface - Mashup

I ended up creating four different animations - one for each colour of the Microsoft logo, and one 'Mashup' animation with all of the colours in one.