BA (Hons) Graphic Design | Associations Brief

An association between the Spanish claiming America and 'Dennis Hope', the man that ‘owns’ the Moon.

When America was 'claimed' it already belonged to the natives. A lot like the Spanish, when Dennis 'claimed' the moon 'NASA' had already been there before him too.

This animation asks what the line is between what can and can't be claimed.

Storyboarding & Illustration

After coming up with this idea on paper, I went on to recreate my storyboard in Illustrator where I could start styling everything at the same time. Then I went on to creating the assets for animating in After Effects.


With my assets in hand I began animating. However this was when I had a lot less experience in After Effects, so there are a few techniques I would do differently if I were to redo this animation.

Exhibition Screening